LGV & HGV Shunter Training

LGV & HGV Shunter Training, teaches drivers how to safely and efficiently move rigid or articulated vehicles in yards and on busy sites.

The training has been specifically designed for people who need to safely and efficiently, manoeuvre large vehicles on private property such as yards, building sites and other off road, privately owned parking areas. The course teaches best practices to ensure the safety of people, vehicles and property within the vicinity.

LGV & HGV Shunter Training is delivered at 2 levels:

  • Novice Shunter Training - Completed over 2 days with a maximum of 3 people per course.
  • Shunter Refresher Training - Completed over 1 day with a maximum of 4 people per course.

Refresher training should be undertaken every 2 years and is for candidates who have previously completed the full novice training course.

What Does Our LGV & HGV Shunter Training Cover?

The courses cover the following topics:

  •     Safety procedures & site assessment
  •     The Health & Safety at Work Act
  •     The dangers of reversing large vehicles on site
  •     Forward & reverse driving in a yard
  •     Understanding both vehicle & trailer controls
  •     The importance of PPE & when it should be used
  •     Coupling & uncoupling trailers correctly
  •     HSE 136 standard code or signals
  •     Handover procedures
  •     Assessment

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