ALLMI Smart Cards – CSCS Check App

As you may be aware, CSCS is releasing its new ‘Smart Check App’ at the start of April 2022. The CSCS Smart Check app aims to radically improve the construction industry’s card checking procedures, preventing fraud and improving site safety.  

The app will allow all 2.1 million cards displaying the CSCS logo (issued by 38 different schemes) to be verified using a single technology.  

ALLMI will be issuing ID cards containing a QR code on the reverse from 1st April 2022 onwards. The QR code will facilitate the ALLMI card being scanned by the CSCS app, which will immediately allow site personnel to establish the validity of the qualification.

Once the new system is implemented all existing ALLMI cardholders will be emailed with a QR code which can be used alongside their old style card and will be accepted by sites using the Smart Check app

Alternatively, existing cardholders can request a new style card displaying a QR code for a fee of £10.95+VAT. Or if you would like us to apply for the new card on your behalf, we can do so for a small additional admin fee of £16.50+VAT to cover our time and postage.     

For more information, or to ask us to apply for your new card, please get in touch by calling 0345 9001312, emailing or completing our contact form.