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General Driver CPC Training…relating training to the operator licence undertakings

All Driver CPC courses should relate to operator licence undertakings. Certainly the ones which we offer, have some relation to operator licence undertakings in every module and cover relevant topics, even if the drivers donโ€™t actually realise it!

The eleven promises operators make to the Traffic Commissioner to ensure that they remain safe and legal can often be forgotten or overlooked when operational needs take priority.

But as we have said, in many other of our posts, operator licence compliance is not just the role of the operator, it is the role of everyone who has any involvement with the transport undertakings, โ€œStakeholdersโ€ if you like.

Drivers are one of the biggest stakeholders and their input in is invaluable to the success of any business that operate transport.

When we started to deliver driver training, it was all too easy to go with death by PowerPoint and have drivers saying they are only there to get their hours, itโ€™s a waste of time and all the other reasons we got! 

However, as we developed and wanted to improve all the time, we began to review training, approach, logging any issues that came up to see how to make it better, to ensure that the courses were enjoyable and approached in the correct way, but also contained relevant training to give the core knowledge to the drivers.

Below is a list of undertakings and how we have designed courses to help your drivers to know and be aware of their importance: – 

Ensuring the regulations relating to the safe operation of vehicles are observed – OLAT (Operator Licence Awareness Training) course giving an overview of the operators licence and how and what operators need to do to ensure they remain legal and how drivers can influence that success or failure

Observing speed limits – The Highway Code course as well as the FORS Lo-City can provide an effective way to engage with drivers to ensure that they adhere to speed limits

Not overloading vehicles – Safe loading of vehicles courses which can be delivered both practically as well as in the classroom, and can be specifically related to the loads carried, as well as a general learning session on safe loading of all vehicles

Observing drivers hours and work time rules – Relatively obvious!  A course which all training providers should offer, and we have a drivers hours course!! The best thing about this course is that we have a few questions that normally getting the drivers discussing and always find good learning points

Retention of maintenance records for 15 months – This is covered in many courses and is not as key to drivers as it is operators but records like walkaround checks must be retained and not lost. We cover this in OLAT, walk around checks and FORS Safe Urban Driving

Retention of drivers hours records and make them available on request – Again, OLAT and drivers hours courses are ideal for this undertaking.

Make the traffic commissioner aware of any relevant changes within 28 days – Our OLAT course covers what drivers need to inform the traffic commissioner about and the importance of doing so.

Must not use an unauthorised operating centre and remaining within your agreed limits for the operating centre – OLAT is good here as well as it covers the requirements for safe parking of vehicles and operating centres.

To ensure drivers promptly report any defects that could prevent the safe operation of the vehicle or trailer and that all defects are recorded in writing – Our walk round check and OLAT courses cover this undertaking

To ensure all vehicles and trailers, including hired vehicles and trailers, are kept in a fit and serviceable condition – Our walk round check and OLAT courses cover this more than adequately for drivers.

Driver training is essential for the maintains and retaining of your operators licence. Our courses have been adapted to ensure that they give your drivers all the information they need to keep your operator licence compliant and legal  and we would suggest this for all training providers.

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