Transport Manager Advice…how do you organise all driver trainings and what do you recommend?

We are getting an increasing number of messages from people within the transport, logistics and construction industries.

These are from people wanting help or advice and now they are becoming so popular we are answering the same questions many times.

Therefore, we thought it was a great idea to answer the questions in the form of a blog post so that we can share the answers with everyone that may find them useful.

This question is from a newly qualified CPC Transport Manager wanting some help on organising driver trainings and what we recommend.

Training for us is in stages…and this is how we set it up for our clients.

Induction – whenever a new driver starts with a company have yourself an induction set up ready that you can work through to ensure that nothing is missed.  This needs to include topics such as health and safety, drivers policies and procedures and some hands on training with another driver.

Driver CPC – keep a log of all drivers CPC and ensure that you have the login details for each driver so you can check.  We then normally arrange a date in the future and arrange all drivers needing training to be there.

Specialist – this covers additional training that they need to complete like ALLMI Lorry Loader or Slinger Signaller training, dangerous goods awareness training or working at heights training.

Accreditations – complete the online trainings for accreditations like FORS for the first year so that everything is up to date from the off.

Toolbox Talks – things happen in any role and it is not about a blame culture, it is about having a chat with a driver and documenting it so you have given training on any issues that arrive during their time with you.

We hope this is of use to you and if you need any help or assistance, please drop us an email at


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