The Start of a Good Maintenance System

Anyone holding an Operator Licence knows that the maintenance system has to be structured and robust.

You need to plan your system and also ensure it keeps you compliant and so has to be effective in ensuring that your vehicles are in a roadworthy state at all times.

To help you get your system right we have listed some key points below to get you started on the right track….

  • The driver is key within an effective maintenance system.  They are the first point of checking that the vehicle is in the right condition by doing effective and comprehensive walkaround checks.
  • Drivers must also report defects or potential issues so they can be rectified promptly. We recommend an electronic system that we have seen in use as it gives immediate feedback to the operator and the garage.  You can also take pictures of defects to give evidence and clear communication.  However, as long as you have reports recorded and are dealt with promptly, manual systems can be effective.
  • Keep drivers defect reports, faults and issues, and details of rectifications for 15 months as a minimum.
  • Ensure that you have a plan and follow your inspection schedule.  If you are on 6 weekly inspections, book the next one in straight after one has been done so that you don’t miss any inspections.
  • Any system of maintaining roadworthiness of vehicles should be effectively and continually monitored.
  • First use inspections are essential for operators who lease, hire or borrow vehicles. These are especially important where vehicles and trailers have been off the road for some time.

If you feel your maintenance system needs a check, a gap analysis to see what is missing, or you feel it is time for a new system, then feel free to email or contact Jonathan or Michelle through LinkedIn using the links below:


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