How many Driver CPC Hours do you have to do before September?

Do you keep hearing about driver CPC like we do?

As 9th September 2019 is the deadline for most, drivers and companies keep talking about because they need to get the hours completed.

We know that they have to be done to keep drivers on the road, and yet why do they get left until the last year which causes a last minute rush.

Why is this the case?

Some drivers have been thinking that the driver CPC training would be abolished with Brexit despite no mention of this.  The vote to leave the EU will have absolutely no impact at all so for driver CPC nothing has changed.

Transport Law Specialists Backhouse Jones have stated the following about Driver CPC following the UK’s vote to leave the EU;

“Driver CPC obligations are also unlikely to change, this is because, although the regulations were created by the EU, the UK is a signatory of the, snappily titled, European Agreement Concerning the Work of Crews of Vehicles Engaged in International Road Transport (AETR) which contains driver CPC obligations. The UK is expected to remain a signatory of AETR as a condition of ongoing trade with the EU. This will be in line with a number of other non EU countries.” 

Other companies and drivers have just not seen the trainings as a priority and so are now trying to fit all courses in.  There has been an improvement and we have noticed more trainings being taken yearly to try and stagger the costs and become consistent.

We suggest trying a one day a year approach to your training. This will help you to maximise your professional development which now so highly regarded, and avoids a large financial and operational strain businesses by trying to do them all in the last few months.

Another reason for the delay in completing trainings is cost however this is part of everything and the course fees are quite reasonable.

Every industry takes part in training and so the transport industry is no different.  Each industry has the cost of training and transport and logistics is the same.  With it also being the industry with more deaths and serious injuries than any other, it is no wonder that something was going to change.

We agree that the courses in the beginning had room for improvement, and this is starting to happen.  It is about the trainers too making the course more enjoyable, to ensure learning is taking place, and making it more interactive.

So if you still have any driver CPC to do, get yourself booked in and dont be left until the last minute stampede.

Total Compliance provides driver CPC training course, including courses that are FORS compliant. If you would like any information, please email or use the contact page on our website



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