Here to help during the Coronavirus..

During these difficult times, referred to in various ways – Coronavirus, Covid-19, Pandemic, lockdown and so on – we are all going through the same thing however in different ways. It is like we are all in the same boat however sailing different routes!

Therefore we wanted to reach out to people, particularly those in the transport, logistics and construction industries, to say we are here to give a helping hand if you need it.

No matter what your role, driver, transport manager, business owner, director, you all matter and have different needs or struggles with general stress of the situation we all find ourselves in, mental health concerns, or not knowing what to do next or where to turn.

We have had lots of messages asking us for advice and it is clear that despite us all going through the same thing, everyone is experiencing changes that are unique to them.

Examples include asking about the furlough scheme and they are not sure about what they can and can’t do, some have been laid off from their jobs and want to know what to do next in terms of work or ongoing professional development. There have been messages about career changes, compliance issues, online courses and what they can be doing during the time off to assist themselves later.

The main thing is, no matter what is happening around, stay safe! We are all shocked by the number of lives this Covid-19 virus has managed to take away from us. When thinking about taking risks and going out, reflect on those families that have lost loved ones.

However, life is going on and business is trying to carry on as normal in a safe way. Take the time if you have it to think about your career path, or assessing if you are happy in your current role, maybe take an online course just our of interest or to increase your knowledge.

If you have a business you could update your website, social media information, and just say hello to people you may not normally. That hello could be just what they need.

You are also not alone though in this and we can help with your questions or support, doing what we can to assist you in getting through these unprecedented times. There is also no such thing as a stupid question as one person wrote in a message to us. You ask things you don’t know, and without asking you won’t find out.

So if you have a question, need some advice, support or whatever you are thinking about, please feel free to get in touch through the website, or using any of the platform links on our website and we will do our best to assist you!

Stay safe everyone!