Driver Banned Until 2020 by Traffic Commissioner

Another case has been published showing how the Traffic Commissioner is taking action against drivers that are abusive or aggressive towards DVSA staff to make a point that this will not be tolerated.

We published a similar story last week and found another one to share with you where a driver had shown their volatile nature and this had an impact on a DVSA investigation.

Investigating road safety compliance is a key part of DVSA’s work.

While a lot of this work is done at the roadside, examiners also carry out visits to operator premises.

They make sure paperwork is up to date, systems are in place and the appropriate checks are being carried out.

In some cases, they find serious offending by operators and drivers.

Getting to the bottom of these issues is really important. So DVSA staff shouldn’t be prevented from doing their jobs.

Unfortunately, that happened when two of the agency’s examiners tried to speak to a driver who’d made nine false records and committed a number of drivers’ hours offences.

The driver – who was also the operator – couldn’t sit with the examiners for an interview without becoming confrontational.

The traffic examiner wasn’t able to complete a full assessment of the drivers’ hours systems due to the individual’s volatile nature.

If he didn’t agree with a defect, he’d be intimidating and aggressive.

The driver didn’t show up to his conduct hearing. The Traffic Commissioner for Wales, Nick Jones, said commissioners will never tolerate these behaviours. He was banned until May 2020 as a driver and for five years as an operator.

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