Industry Accreditations

Industry accreditations are a great way of showing how your business stands out above the rest.

By joining an accreditation scheme it can assist you in being able to tender for more business.  Accreditations cover environmental efficiency, health and safety, quality operations and are becoming more of a requirement across the board.

Total Compliance has assisted many businesses in achieving these accreditations and certifications, and those businesses have all seen the benefits of them from both a sales and financial point of view, as well as business progression, from more quality and efficient operations.

Businesses that progress to achieve these accreditation schemes, are always on the front foot and we have seen businesses suffer as a result of leaving it until it is too late.

Don’t wait for your current customers to advise you they want to only deal with you once you have achieved particular accreditations, or potential new customers to advise that they want industry standard accreditations in place.

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We can help you achieve all of the following accreditations:


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