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FORS Bronze, Silver and Gold
(Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme)

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The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a voluntary accreditation scheme which helps operators to be recognised as efficient and safe vehicle operators. Many companies are now insisting that fleet operators have FORS to be able to do work for them.

Total Compliance (07710 878041) can help an operator achieve any level of the FORS Accreditation - FORS Bronze, FORS Silver or FORS Gold, along with other accreditations like CLOCS and DVSA Earned Recognition.  Do you need help getting FORS? Do you want help with your FORS registration? Getting FORS is what we can do quickly and even be there at your audit to ensure everything goes as it should.

We offer different packages to suit fleet size, assistance required and budget.

  • 1 hour online consultation or in person visit
  • Policy Documents Pack Only Option
  • Individual Policy Pack - written specifically for your business
  • Half Day or Full Day Consultation to prepare a plan for implementation
  • Full Project Managed Accreditation - organise everything for you to work towards and achieve the Bronze, Silver or Gold level of accreditation
  • FORS Pre-audit to ensure you get through your main audit
  • FORS Training which also is accredited as Driver CPC Training

We have qualified FORS Practitioners who are our FORS Consultants.  FORS Practitioner is obtained through a series of nine workshops, open to all FORS accredited operators, and covering all aspects of fleet management including managing work related road safety, safe and efficient fleet management, reducing fuel use and minimising fines and charges. FORS Practitioner status is to guide, educate and support clients helping them become safer, greener and more efficient, working towards Gold accreditation. Those who have already achieved Bronze and Silver Accreditation.

Total Compliance also has a FORS Auditor and Trainer in house, and so we know exactly what is required to obtain any of the FORS accreditation.

Please contact us for further information or email us your requirements.

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