Traffic commissioners take action on abusive drivers

The information coming from the Traffic Commissioner is now very much to show that they are not tolerating any aggressive or rude behaviour towards DVSA staff, which is totally understandable.  No one should have to be subject to behaviour like this when they are doing their job.

Below there is a case that has been published that shows drivers are being banned from driving with a vocational licence entitlement, and where they hold an operator licence, they have also had a disqualification from holding an operator licence.

If this happened to you or your staff, I am sure you would think it would be unacceptable.

Driver banned until 2021

Bombardment of abuse was worst DVSA examiner had been subjected to in 11 years

DVSA examiners carry out routine enforcement checks every single day.

They’re doing a really important job – checking that commercial vehicles and their drivers are running compliantly.

For some operators and drivers, a roadside stop might be seen as an inconvenience, but most understand it’s an essential part of keeping our roads safe and so co-operate with enforcement staff.

However some don’t. Richard Turfitt, the East of England Traffic Commissioner, banned a driver for three years after he was aggressive and threatening towards a DVSA examiner.

He was stopped using a vehicle without an operator licence disc and couldn’t produce his driver CPC. He’d also failed to use a tachograph to record the journey.

The driver – who was also the operator – said the examiner had no right to look at his paperwork, became agitated and aggressive and ripped up the prohibition notice and fixed penalty.

The driver said that when DVSA came to visit him, he’d make the examiners a drink and urinate in it. He also warned that DVSA would need to come with the Police.

He didn’t show up at his conduct hearing before the Traffic Commissioner. Mr Turfitt said drivers who display this type of habitual and persistent behaviour have no place in the industry. He was disqualified until 2021 as a driver and for five years as an operator.


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