5 Reasons Why You Should Get DVSA Earned Recognition

DVSA Earned Recognition (DVSA ER) is for operators but do you understand it, and do you know why you should get it for your business?

Total Compliance has come up with our top 5 Reasons your operation would benefit from this industry accreditation.

Exemplary Operator Status

Your business is recognised by the enforcement authorities as an exemplary operator. Your operation goes beyond the basic level of compliance that is required by the Traffic Commissioner, and your vehicle compliance is seen to be working higher than national average.

DVSA Know You are Compliant

By joining the scheme you and your business are voluntarily sharing your compliance data with the DVSA which, demonstrates you are compliant with your operator licence undertakings.

DVSA welcome this so they can then use their resources to focus on non-compliant operators, content knowing that you are compliant.

New Business Opportunities

By being compliant, having an external audit and showing you are transparent with your compliance, this may give you access to new clients. Local Authorities are already looking at putting DVSA ER as a pre-requisite to tender for their contracts, in a similar way that the ISO and FORS Standards.

Drive Your Business Efficiency

The technologies and systems that are put in place to become DVSA ER compliant, will drive your business forward and create efficiencies.

Carbon footprint will be reduced when you begin to monitor and manage performance, as well as the systems bringing clearer visibility for management reporting.

Mandatory in the Future

At some point in the future we believe, just like with HMRC Real Time Information, operators will have to become DVSA Earned Recognition as we believe it will become mandatory in years to come.

By providing information on your operator licence compliance now, you are adapting for the future of your business.

Have any Questions about becoming DVSA ER Accredited?

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