FORS Silver Noise Pollution

FORS Silver and the noise pollution section known as S7, seems to confuse people and a regular question we get asked is about the ‘noise impact assessment’.

Companies have been paying out for machines to measure sound that need to be calibrated.

It is fine to do this if you are going to make use of it or if you use a machines within another area of your business, however normally this is not necessary.

The Decibel Meter shown is a free app that can be downloaded to your phone and one that we recommend.  We have no connection to this company, and have used it ourselves and found that it does the job.

To achieve the FORS Noise Pollution section, use the decibel meter and record your findings.  This can be done with the engine of a vehicle ticking over, and then when the driver has their foot on the accelerator. These can be done at the operating centre and customer premises.

You can then look at the data and write your policy to incorporate ways to reduce noise at the locations assessed.  This can be accompanied with a code of practice for drivers covering such as loading activities, talking or shouting to colleagues, and engine idling.

Remember to communicate all the policies and procedures and ensure they have a version number on them and are reviewed yearly.

Lastly add the ‘Noise Champion’ to your organisation chart to show who has continuous and effective responsibility for the noise pollution measures.

If you need any help with FORS please email us at or call Michelle on 07710 878041.

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