A Day in the Life of a Transport Consultant (Training)

Saturdays are predominately reserved for Driver CPC and/or FORS training.


Last Saturday saw me delivering Safe Urban Driving Training for a client in Alfreton. This training helps them towards FORS accreditation as well as contributing 7 hours towards the drivers' 35 hours of periodic training.


I arrived on site 30 minutes prior to the course starting to set up and ensure that all of the IT is working (follow the 7ps), no issues this weekend!


Then as the drivers arrive, register them on the course, which can be fun (our system uses QR codes and smartphones).

Licences are checked as part of the registration process to ensure that everyone is who they are supposed to be!


A pre course declaration is now filled out and a large cup of coffee is acquired.


The first 3.5 hours of the course are delivered, this includes an icebreaker session, an outline of the course aims and objectives as well as finding out what the drivers/delegates hope to achieve. Frequent use of videos, and questioning in some cases practical skills are used to keep everyone engaged.


After the first 3.5 hours module, including a coffee break, a 30 minute lunch break is taken, with a bit of coffee)


Then it’s on to the second 3.5 hour module, this module includes the course summary, a check that the learning objectives have been achieved and a little time for direct feedback from the delegates, not to mention another break for a cuppa.


The course is then finalised, the registration links are completed (QR codes again), and the drivers then finish up for the weekend.


This then only leaves the course paperwork to be checked, scanned, and then sent to the fantastic team in the office who complete the course administration such as the uploading of drivers' hours.