Transport Manager Public Inquiries

In September in the East of England Traffic Area, there were a total of 10 public inquiries for Transport Managers!!

That is correct as per the Traffic Commissioners published information.

In ONE MONTH there were 10 TRANSPORT MANAGERS in ONE TRAFFIC AREA who have had their ‘good repute’ looked at formally and been considered as to wether this can remain intact or be tarnished or revoked.

From our experience this is because of not keeping up to date with the ever changing legislation and new industry standards like FORS and Earned Recognition.

Management in the industry often continue in the habit of doing what they have always done in the past, and the business then ends up not moving with the times.

Having a compliance visit and being given all the information you need to become compliant and legal keeps you covered.  It can also lead to systems being introduced to ease the ongoing burden of compliance, and allows companies to put themselves forward for accreditations.

The accreditations like FORS and Earned Recognition then become a benchmark for companies to stand out from the crowd and showing they are compliant, following their operator licence undertakings and actively promoting good practice in the industry.

We have such a positive feeling when companies contact us to get started on their road to becoming the best they can be.

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