New Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness Nov 2018

The guide for every operator has been updated.  The Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness has been re-published and is on GOV.UK. and we have put a link for you at the end of this post.

The updated guide includes a refreshed design, further information about tyre safety and updated daily walkaround check posters for HGV and PSV.

This guide explains the responsibilities and systems involved in keeping vehicles in a roadworthy condition, regardless of operating conditions, fleet size or vehicle type.

It includes guidance on:

  • Daily checks and inspections
  • Inspection and repair facilities
  • Regular safety inspections
  • Responsibilities for roadworthiness
  • Monitoring

We strongly recommend that all operators download the latest version of this guide and review it against their existing systems in great detail as the DVSA has shown to be proactive in recent months of these new guidelines and requirements when they are updated.  This then leads to many operators being called to Public Inquires for failings under their Operator’s Licence Undertakings.

Total Compliance assists operators by being their go to place for any questions, advice or compliance issues each day.  We also assist with getting FORS Bronze, FORS Silver and FORS Gold, along with CLOCS and DVSA Earned Recognition.  If you need to ask how having us to hand could help you email us at or give us a call on 07720 875002.

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