Health and Safety – Passenger Safety

Passenger safety is a huge concern when operating vehicles. Ultimately the safety of the passengers is the responsibility of the driver.  Ensure that all your drivers are legally allowed and competent to drive the vehicles they are driving by carrying out driving licence checks and assessments.

Train and ensure knowledge of speed limits and road safety laws, along with doing a comprehensive pre-use check.

Drivers need to ensure their passengers are wearing their seatbelts, access / egress the vehicle cab safely and do not distract the driver whilst they are driving. 

If your drivers are driving passenger vehicles i.e. coaches, busses and taxis then the passengers can be kept safe by:

• Ensuring that the vehicles are not overcrowded and each passenger has their own seat. If vehicles have standing spaces, do not take on more passengers than are meant to be in the standing area. 

• Where fitted passengers must wear their seatbelts. 

• Ensure that if disabled passengers are accessing the vehicle via ramps or lifts that these are operated within their guidelines, wheelchairs are secure when being lifted and that other passengers are kept clear of all moving parts. 

• Ensure that luggage is stored in the designated areas. 

If a vehicle is carrying goods that are classed as dangerous goods i.e. compressed oxygen, flammable liquids, infectious substances etc, then you are not allowed to carry passengers unless those passengers are part of the vehicle crew and therefore also trained in dangerous goods awareness.  

If you have any questions regarding the transportation of dangerous goods and / or dangerous goods awareness training please get in touch with our DGSA department at

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