Driver CPC - First Aid for Drivers Training:

Transform your LGV/PCV drivers from compliant operators to extraordinary safety heroes. This power-packed 7-hour program seamlessly integrates essential Driver CPC training with lifesaving first aid skills.

Why Choose Our Driver CPC - First Aid for Drivers Course?

  • Dual Benefit:¬†Satisfy your drivers' Driver CPC training requirement (Periodic Training) and equip them with valuable first aid skills, maximizing training efficiency and driver preparedness.
  • Enhanced Road Safety:¬†Empower your drivers to react confidently and effectively in case of roadside emergencies, potentially saving lives in critical situations.
  • Total Compliance Expertise:¬†Our trainers are qualified and experienced in delivering Driver CPC training aligned with the latest regulations set forth by Total Compliance.
  • Improved Driver Confidence:¬†The course equips drivers with the knowledge and skills to act decisively and calmly in emergency situations, fostering a sense of security on the road.
  • Reduced Downtime:¬†Prompt and effective first aid can minimise the impact of minor accidents and injuries, reducing roadside delays and keeping drivers on the schedule.

What You'll Learn:

- Fulfilling Driver CPC Requirements: The course covers the necessary modules to meet your drivers' Periodic Driver CPC training needs.
- Essential First Aid Procedures: Participants gain practical skills in handling a variety of roadside emergencies, including:
    • CPR and AED Awareness:¬†Learn proper cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) use.
    • Managing Bleeding and Wounds:¬†Gain the knowledge and skills to control bleeding and dress wounds effectively.
    • Choking Management:¬†Learn the Abdominal Thrusts Assessment and other techniques to dislodge obstructions from a person's airway.
    • Treating Minor Injuries and Burns:¬†The course covers proper first aid procedures for common injuries and burns encountered on the road.
    • Recognising and Responding to Shock:¬†Participants learn how to identify the signs and symptoms of shock and provide appropriate care.
    • Post-Incident Care:¬†The course emphasises the importance of maintaining a casualty's condition until professional medical help arrives.
- Driver-Specific Considerations: The training tailors first aid procedures to the specific needs and limitations of roadside situations, ensuring drivers can adapt their skills to the unique challenges they may face.

Course Delivery:

  • Duration:¬†7 hours (Note: Exam takes place outside of this timeframe)
  • Assessment: This FAIB-approved course includes formal assessments (multiple choice and practical) that must be passed.
  • Location:¬†We offer on-site training at your company's premises. Please contact us to discuss your facilities and ensure they meet the space requirements for the training session.
  • Individual Training: We also offer this course for individual drivers.

By investing in Driver CPC - First Aid for Drivers training, you ensure your drivers are compliant, prepared, and empowered to handle emergencies with confidence. This comprehensive program contributes to a safer and more responsible driving workforce for your company.